Digest of anticoup protests (21-11-2014)

*Image source: Mubasher Misr Network *

On Friday 24/11/2014, Anti-coup alliance (ACA) has called for nation-wide protests in Egypt. In this post we present a digest of the anticoup events that happened during the day. You can view and download the raw data of our monitoring in Arabic and English.

Last week we monitored monitored 76 anticoup events in 17 governorates. This week we monitored 53 anticoup events in 13 governorates. The top three governorates this week were Alexandria, Cairo and Giza.

Rallies were the most common type of events, followed by stands and human chains. 8 in 10 event were rallies and the remaining two were stands and human chains.

There was an array of protest organizers this Friday. We were unable to identify the organizers of a large number of protests. The pie chart bellow does not consider events with unknown organizers. Anticoup aliance organized at least 6 in 10 of the protests. The remaining protests were organized by women and youth groups.

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